Cherry Picking


There were plenty of trees full of cherries to choose from


My sister, Paulene, being herself


Paulene’s boyfriend, TJ, picking cherries as fast as he could to get out of the hot weather


Again, Paulene being Paulene


Getting all the basic photos I could get


Paulene and TJ, how cute!


A final group photo of us – TJ, Trish (Me) and Paulene

Back to Rowand’s Farm! But this time, cherry picking.

It’s kind of crazy how the weather has been this past week. With the weather transitioning from the 50’s to 90’s in just a day, it was a bit hot to go cherry picking. We stayed as long as we could though.

If you’re looking for things to do, cherry picking is a great idea – especially at Rowand’s Farm. All the trees were full of cherries! This may be because it was the first weekend they were open for cherry season. Cherries were only $2.25/pound. Not bad! Let me tell you though, these cherries are sweet and delicious. I’ve been eating a bag everyday since we’ve went. We’re already almost done what we have and I’m ready to go back for more! When it’s a bit colder though.

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