The Epic Ride

My dad is really into running, biking and swimming. He just enjoys doing these kinds of things. So for his birthday (June 25), I decided to join him in the Epic Ride in New York along with two family friends. The Epic Ride is a 25-40 mile bike ride that supports the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative. This ride gives you the choice of completing 25 miles or 40 miles. We completed the 25 miles!

I was a bit nervous since this was my first bike race and 25-40 miles just sounds so intimidating. It also didn’t help that it was pouring Saturday morning and when biking to the race itself, we all got soak and wet. But while going through the ride, I could honestly say that it wasn’t bad. I could have probably done the whole 40 miles, but we were all too sleepy to do so.

Checkout the highlights. 🙂


We started our day at 2am with only 3 hours of sleep. Off to New York we go!



Waiting for the ride to start. Everyone is soak and wet from standing in the rain waiting to start.

A few pictures from our scenic bike ride.


After my dad having 2 flat tires and less than 4 hours later, we completed 25 miles! Woohoo!


Of course I needed my selfie by the beach after the bike ride.


So did the bikes.

Happy birthday dad! Hope you had a great weekend. 🙂

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