South Mountain Reservation

I’m baaaaaaaack! I’ve been without a computer this past month (how did I do it? I really have no idea). I left my charger at my sisters apartment and haven’t gotten it back since this past weekend. So there’s a lot to update on. Let’s start with my birthday weekend earlier this month…

I didn’t just want to go out and drink my way into 26. So I decided to go hiking with my parents, sister (Paulene), sisters boyfriend (TJ) and my sisters puppy (Mochi).

We chose to hike somewhere near my sisters apartment since her area is closer to New York and that’s where we were going out at night. We went to  Hemlock Falls, a falls that’s part of South Mountain Reservation.

This trail was pretty nice. It wasn’t a boring flat trail (this was something I was worried about). The falls is actually near the beginning of the trail, so it doesn’t take much to get to it. It’s pretty small, but still beautiful. I recommend going to the top of the falls since that’s where all the action and cool views are.

We continued to hike the trail after taking pictures at the falls. After a little bit we decided to turn back to the car because my parents were tired and it was hot. The whole trail isn’t that long. It’s only about 5 miles. I would definitely go back and do the whole thing, most likely a day where it’s not too hot.

Here are some pictures of our hiking trip! 🙂



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