Just a few weeks ago I came back from my vacation to Seattle. I have a lot of family in the west coast, so we had a mini reunion on my moms side. It was great to see everyone! I got to see one of my cousins that I haven’t seen in 12 years (crazy, right?).

I must say we were pretty non-stop during this trip. We went somewhere every day. So the easiest way I thought to post about my vacation is by day and only the highlights of the trip. Here goes nothing…

Let’s start with my first day in Seattle. We took the train into the city where we went to Pike Place Market (one of my favorite places to go to) and Space Needle area. Pike Place Market is just a food lovers dream. There is so much to try! The oysters are to die for, Beecher’s grilled cheese is just amazing and the first Starbucks ever is there. Oh, there’s so much to try here.

We went to Jack’s Fish Spot and Crab Pot to eat lunch. There fried fish and oysters were just so good! The fish just broke apart, it was perfect. Same with the oysters. I love Seattle oysters, they’re just so sweet compared to the east coast. Unfortunately I didn’t get to grab photos of the food because I was hungry and just wanted to eat. Other than the food, it was great walking around and just exploring the city. One of my favorite things to do – eat and explore!


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