Chateau Ste. Michelle

What to do, what to do? That was the question of the day on my Sunday at Seattle. There was a slight chance of rain, but we decided to go to Chateau Ste. Michelle for some wine tasting.

We got to Chateau Ste. Michelle and we couldn’t get a tour until another hour. So what’s the best way to kill time? Drink! We started our tasting early and they had some pretty good wine. We actually bought quite a few bottles for our week in Seattle and a couple bottles to drink outside before our tour. Luckily it ended up not raining, so we sat outside to have some drinks and Beecher’s cheese.

It was time for our wine tour, but my Tita (aunt) and I were already drunk to pay attention. We were staying back in the crowd just laughing the whole time. Finally, it was time for the tasting part again! Probably didn’t need more wine, but when in Seattle.

I would recommend this place when visiting the area. There are other wineries in the area that you can visit as well to try different wines. We didn’t get a chance to go since we were all drunk already. We ended up going home and cooked some good steaks and had crabs. Can’t beat a day like that!


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