Portland, Oregon

One day my mom looked up at her office calendar and saw a beautiful picture of a waterfall. Immediately she said “I want to go there, where is this?”

This beautiful waterfall was the Multnomah Falls in Portland, Oregon. We started our day a bit early for our 3 hour car trip to Oregon. When we got to Portland, we first stopped at The Grotto where they had a beautiful trail. The scenery was nice and gorgeous to walk around.


Family picture at the Grotto

After The Grotto, we made out way to Multnomah Falls. My goodness, these falls were beautiful. It’s not a long hike to get to the bridge to see the falls, but it is a pretty intense hike to get to the top of the falls. I did try to get to the top of the falls, but only made it to 4 out of 11 switchbacks. The steepness of the trail was just way too much to keep going, so I unfortunately wasn’t able to see the top. If I wasn’t hungry and it wasn’t so hot, I would’ve probably been able to do this. But if you’re in shape and can handle the incline, you can definitely accomplish this trail! I’m sure the view was absolutely stunning.

IMG_0447IMG_9606IMG_7750 2

After a few stops at some stores, it was finally time to eat! We stopped by the Thirsty Lion Pub & Grill and boy was this place delicious! I got a sampler of some local beers and ordered the Gastropub Burger – a gorgonzola infused burger with grilled sweet onion, maple pepper bacon, white cheddar, arugula and horseradish cream. Mmm… just thinking about this burger is making me hungry right now.


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