Washington Lake Park

Since I’ve been to Seattle before, we didn’t have to go to all the touristy areas right away. So for this day, we kept it simple.

We went to my Tito (uncle in Tagalog) and Titas (aunt in Tagalog) local casino – Muckleshoot Casino. Luck was not on my side this whole vacation for gambling. I really didn’t gamble much, but every time I did – I lost. After gambling, we got some lunch. I had muscles and finished my meal with some ice cream. The best way to end a meal!


After lunch, my Tito drove us to Washington Lake Park.Across the lake, they have what is called the “floating bridge.” It’s an interesting concept, it just sits on top of the water, so when it rains and the water level gets high, it floods. There were so many beautiful views around here, I had to capture it all.

IMG_3176 2IMG_8960IMG_3317IMG_6113 2FullSizeRender 5IMG_7551IMG_8239

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