Delaware River Tubing

When making plans, I’m normally the more adventurous type. But after the past few months, I just needed something a little more relaxing and low key. This is where river tubing came in.

A few weeks ago, one of my friends asked me if I wanted to go river tubing. What peaked my interest was “The Famous Hot Dog Man.” It’s a hot dog stand that’s literally in the middle of the river and halfway down the 5-mile ride. It’s a nice break in between tubing to get some food.

We decided to go on a Sunday since we figured that river tubing wouldn’t take much effort and it would be relaxing. Yes, it was super relaxing, but only when we weren’t trying to paddle our way towards a direction. Since we went through Delaware River Tubing (New Jersey side), we technically had to stay on the New Jersey side, which required some effort.

The scenery was beautiful and it was super relaxing just lounging down the river. Before going, the weather was looking a little iffy. There was supposed to be rain and thunderstorms, but the morning was pretty clear. We just took the chance and lucky for us, the weather was beautiful. I even got a little sunburnt.

As for my recommendations, I have a few before going:

  1. Upgrade your tube with one that has a headrest. The headrest came in pretty clutch throughout the ride.
  2. Grab a couple clips before you head out. This is to clip the tubes together if you’re in a group. For the most part, we stayed clipped together to just hangout and talk. Also, I wish I grabbed an extra clip so I could clip my waterproof bag to my float.
  3. Bring an extra tube with you that holds drinks or food. We saw a few families who brought their own tube to put things in the middle of their circle. Genius!
  4. If you want music, definitely bring a speaker!

Overall, it was a fun time. It was a bit pricey (around $52 per person), but it came with everything – food, tube, clips, life jacket, bus ride, etc. Also, it was a good amount of time for your money’s worth. It took us around 4-5 hours for the whole experience. Such a great day trip!






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