It’s Almost Over!

I know, many of you are probably tired hearing about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. So many people are talking about it, only because it’s just that great! So many of next seasons styles are on sale. How can you pass that up?

I’m always up for a good sale. When I say good sale, I normally wait until clothes are on clearance before I buy it. Doing this most of the time disallows me to find good fitting jeans. So I went into this sale looking for a good pair of jeans that won’t break the bank as much.

Along with looking for jeans, I ended up getting a top and Tory Burch sandals. All thoughts are below:

Emma Ripped Ankle Skinny Jeans,                        Main,                         color, Medium Wash

I am absolutely OBSESSED with these jeans. I normally have a problem with the calves being too big and have no shape on my calves, also jeans are normally too long for me. Not these! These fit perfectly and they’re super cute with the rips. The wash is also a nice color as well. You can find these babies for only $35.40!

Ripped Skinny Jeans,                        Main,                         color, Light Wash

These jeans were the perfect length for me, but kind of big around the calves area. I’m still going to keep these because they’re super cute! This one was only $32.98.

Smocked Button Top,                        Main,                         color, Salmon Multi

I was a little iffy about this shirt when first buying it. My body type doesn’t do well with tops with buttons, but I thought I’d give it a shot and I’m glad I did! I wore this yesterday and was loving it. Adds shape to your body and the design is SO cute. Plus, this top is only $14.99.


These babies are unfortunately already sold out. I’m not surprised because this was a pretty good deal for Tory Burch. Nordstrom was selling these for $69.99, but you can find them on Tory Burch’s website for $98.

Anyways, the sale ends next week – Sunday, August 5. So hurry and order all the cute clothes!


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