Another Vineyard Added to the Books

Another winery? Yes, another winery ladies. I swear, I really don’t drink all that much and I normally never visit vineyards. It just happens to be that this is the summer full of vineyards and Beneduce Vineyards is #9 for the summer.

My sister, her boyfriend, a friend and I decided to go to Beneduce Vineyards after our white water rafting trip got cancelled due to rain. Beneduce Vineyards is rated #24 out of 25 for Top Vineyards Around the United States by Travel + Leisure Top. This place didn’t disappoint! They had 2 different tasting options – one came with 5 tastings for only $5 and the other came with 5 tastings as well, but paired with meats and cheeses for $15. Since we had brunch right before coming here, we decided to just stick to the $5 tasting.

The tasting room was pretty big. They had a bunch of tables and high tops laid out throughout the room, as well as a bar you can sit at. They weren’t all that busy when we went, so it was easy to find a table.

All the wines that I tried were pretty good, even the reds, and I don’t really like reds. My favorite was their rosé, I even took a bottle home. As for the tastings, they were pretty generous for a tasting. They were heavy pourers (was not mad about this at all). Their bottles on the other hand were on the pricey side compared to the wineries I’ve been to this year. The cheapest bottle they had was $19 and that was the rosé. Everything else was either $25-$30, where I find that more pricey for being at the facility.

After our tasting, we bought a bottle to take outside to just relax and hangout. The outside had a nice vibe. It looked like they were getting ready for a band to play that needed tickets or a cover fee. If you’re hungry, they had a food truck outside also! I didn’t get a chance to try the food because like I said, we ate before visiting. They also had a few corn hole games set up. Another great plus to this winery, is that dogs are allowed.

I would recommend this place to any wine drinker. I would take advantage of the free tour they offer. They take you to the fields in a tractor. I plan to do this next time I visit. But overall, it’s a great place to spend a couple hours for cheap. We would’ve probably stayed longer to play corn hole and just relax outside longer, we just didn’t want to spend on the cover to stay.

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