Where did July go!?

Helloooo August, the Sunday of summer months! But let’s take a second and ask ourselves, where did July go!? I swear, it feels like it was just my birthday last week.

Even though it has ended, July has been a month! Looking back, it a was a fun month full of family, friends, foods, dranks and more! It definitely is one to remember.

So let’s reflect on all the good from this past month:

Held my first giveaway for my birthday!

Celebrated my birthday with my parents at Tre Famiglia in Haddonfield. (I was literally surprised by this)

It was Genny girls birthday month also!

Partyfufu came through with birthday party decorations!

My parents through me and Nikko and birthday party – celebrated with friends!

I’m now 27 – this is still weird to me

Another friend photo from mine and Nikko’s birthday party

Celebrated the marriage of Lester and Diane. Such a beautiful wedding!

Were champs in our soccer league!

Went river tubing for the first time ever!

Met survivor winner, Wendell Holland, and Fox 29 reporter and host of The ClassH-Room, Richard Curtis

Had fun at Adventure Aquarium’s first-ever Sips Undersea

More fun at Sips Undersea with friends!

Visited Beneduce Winery, one of the top 25 vineyards in the United States by Travel + Leisure, with friends

And that’s a wrap July! August, I hope you’re just as good to me as July was. Here’s to trying new things, more adventures and lots of fun!

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