Gravity Vault Voorhees Grand Opening

Gravity Vault just opened a location in Voorhees, NJ. My friends have been to Gravity Vault’s in New York and even the soft opening of the Voorhees location. They were into rock climbing a few years ago and just started getting back into it. They asked me to come with for the grand opening since climbing was free and all I had to do was pay for rentals. I’m always up to trying new things, whether it’s super difficult or easy. I like to be open to new things and won’t knock it until I try it, so this was no different for rock climbing.

Ya’ll rock climbing is tough! It’s no joke. You definitely need the muscle and endurance for this sport. Although it is tough and sometimes scary, the feeling of completing a wall is liberating. I applaud those who are into this sport and especially to those who go out in real life to rock climb. It is not easy! Even the easy levels can take a lot out of you.

Although I couldn’t finish every wall I tried, I was happy to complete a 5.8 my first try. This was honestly because it was my first wall and I had all the energy. After this, it was downhill from there. I was getting super tired, my muscles were aching and my hands were hurting. But this didn’t stop me! I kept trying to strengthen my muscles and endurance.

Enough about my experience. Let’s talk about Gravity Vault. I haven’t been to many rock climbing facilities, the last rock climbing gym I was at was probably when I went in the Philippines in 2003. This gym was nice! Going to the grand opening and it being free climbing until 12PM, I thought it would be super busy and that we would have to wait for walls to free up. This wasn’t the case. There were a good amount of people, but there were so many walls available. We never had to wait to climb because there were enough for everyone to use. The gym itself was super nice and big!

All the employees we encountered were wonderful and helpful! Being a newbie, I didn’t know much about this sport, but if I had a question the employees were happy to help. Even the guests we encountered were super nice as well. Since it was grand opening, they even provided us with breakfast and lunch. Since we were there from 9AM – 1:30 PM, we were able to take advantage of both.

It was just a fun day altogether with friends. I would recommend this for families looking for something to do, adventurers, anyone looking for a challenge or anyone who needs a good workout. If this is your first time and don’t want to pay the full price since you don’t know how you will be, they have discounts on certain days.

Monday: Adult Buy One Get One Day Passes
Wednesday: Student Day (50% off)
Friday: Ladies Night after 5PM (Still need to see what the discount on this is)

I look forward to future rock climbing days. I’m actually heading over there tonight to take a belay class!

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