Don’t Miss the Adidas Sale!

It’s one of the biggest weeks for a shopper! I will try to update you all on all the sweet deals I find as I go.

First up, Adidas is having up to 50% off select items. To me, this is a pretty great deal for Adidas since most of their apparel are pretty pricey even when it’s on sale. I scored 2 cropped hoodies. They are the same fit, but I had to get them in different colors because they’re super cute!

PLUS, I found a promo code that gives you an extra 15% off (thanks Honey). Just use promo code ‘ADP18MSD’.

And for those who don’t know what Honey is, YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD IT. Like seriously a must need. It’s an app that is attached to Google Chrome and whenever you are checking out to any site, it offers you promo codes that it found online and tries to find you the best possible deal out there. Save that money people!!

Anyways, below are my finds! Share yours. 🙂


Cropped Hoodie Black CY4766

Cropped Hoodie Blush Green DH3131



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