Going on a Trip? Tips and Tricks to Prepare

I just got back from Seattle last week from a family reunion and it occurred to me, since I do go on weekend trips often, as well as vacation at least twice a year, it would be nice to share some of my tips and tricks when preparing for a trip.


1. Create a Master Packing List

I was fortunate enough that when I was younger, my mom came up with a master packing list. Ever since then, I have always used this. This list literally includes everything, from what you would need for a beach vacation or a vacation up in the mountains. I just apply this list to wherever I’m going and cross out what I don’t need. For example, if I’m going on a trip to the beach, I would cross out my winter jacket, boots, etc.

Flying on a plane or are you a passenger in a car ride and need to kill time? This list even includes what I would need to keep me occupied to get to where I need to go! I’m not even kidding, having this is literally a savior. I rarely forget anything when I’m on a trip.

Make sure to keep this organized though! I have this in an excel sheet that includes a box for quantity of items, as well as a box for me to check off once I pack that item. I even have it separated by clothes, toiletries, electronics, etc. If you’d like somewhere to start or to use what I have, I can share ours. Just leave a comment below and I’d be more than happy to share my copy!

2. Still using items you want to pack for your trip? Create a list in your notes app on your phone. 

I know what you’re probably thinking, another list? Well most of the time, I’m usually in a hurry during traveling day to keep up with my paper list. So whatever I don’t pack the night prior, I include this on a note on my phone. If you have an iPhone, luckily you can include a bullet point that allows you to click and check off once you’re completed with that task or in this case, have packed that item. Normally this is a list of my toiletries that I need to pack since I still use these on traveling day.

3. Going on a plane and only bringing a carry on or personal item, but you need to pack toiletries that are more than the allowed 3.4 ounces?

When traveling, I’m willing to sacrifice some of my everyday essentials, especially if I’m only taking a carry on and am limited to what I can bring. But there are a few everyday essentials I can’t part ways with, even for a short trip. For example, I need my skincare supplies – face wash and moisturizer. Most of the time these are more than the allowed 3.4 ounces. So what’s my solution? Contact cases! These have saved me and kept my face nice, clean and moisturized. I just fill these babies up with however much I need. Such a live savior!

4. Going on a long or even short trip and you don’t want to be bored? Download Netflix episodes!

Don’t let traveling stop you from binge watching your show. Netflix allows you to download episodes to your phone so that you can watch shows or movies without using cellular data or wifi. Ever since I found out you can do this on Netflix, this has saved me many hours from being bored.

Also, research on the airlines you are taking. Depending on the airline and where you are going, some companies have an app for you to download to access movies, shows and games when on flight. I just flew with United Airlines and they had an app for the phone to watch movies and shows, as well as a screen on the plane. So many ways to keep you entertained!

And this is it! I normally make sure to follow these tips and tricks to ensure that I do not forget anything or have something to entertain me for my travels to my destination. I hope this helps! Please share your tips and tricks, I am open to learning more and improving my strategy.

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