My 5 Favorite Clothing Stores for Affordable Fashion

Who doesn’t love a good deal? I think it’s safe to say that most of you out there love a good price. I personally dislike purchasing clothing full price. Majority of my closet is from the sales/clearance rack. It seriously PAINS me to buy something at full price, especially when it’s a piece that is on trend. Heck, it even pains me to purchase a top for $30, that’s even when it is on sale. I need to super love the top to make that purchase.

I’m getting side-tracked and showing my stinginess a bit, well anyways… with how fast-pace the fashion industry is and how fashion pieces come and go, it’s pretty difficult to keep up. Also it costs a TON of money to even try and buy good quality on trend pieces. But seriously again, why buy in season pieces full price?

This leads me to how do I keep up with on trend styles without breaking the bank? Here are my favorite places to shop for affordable fashion:

1. TJ Maxx and 2. Marshalls – I had to group these 2 together because they are so similar, but these have got to me my absolute favorite stores EVER. And where I live, they are right next to each other… perfect right? If I need a certain clothing, this is my first place to look. Yes, most of the time it’s pure luck in what you’re trying to find, but I’ve found so many good pieces in both stores and most are designer name brands. I know this place can be overwhelming, but if you have patience, you will seriously find good things. I usually start at the clearance section in their women’s and juniors section where there are usually are so many amazing pieces here and at an even lower price. Most of the time there are even name brand items, such as Coach, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Philosophy and more, in the clearance section, but I really look at what I think is cute. Here you can also find some on trend pieces. If I don’t find anything I like, which most of the time never happens, I will look at the other areas that are TJ Maxx/Marshalls full price, but discounted compared to retailer price. Most of the time I even skip this section because there are so many goodies in the clearance section.

3. Target – I know, what girl doesn’t love Target? But seriously, this store is amazing! I have to purposely not go to Target because I know I will spend so much money once I step in that store. Luckily, this store is a bit out of the way from my normal driving routes.. but it’s also close enough that I can make it in my way with my normal driving routes. But back to Target, their women’s clothing section literally has everything. I do find their regular priced items still on the expensive side (let me remind you, I’m super cheap when it comes to clothes. I like to spend max $20 on clothes), but I do love their clearance section because their clothes super go on sale. I find good tops for around $8-$10, jumpsuits, jeans and dresses for like $15. I do find on trend items in their clearance often too! Again, be patient because most of the time their clearance section is not organized, but trust me, there are good finds there.

4. Forever21 – Ya’ll had to know this was going to be on the list! I must say though, comparing Forever21 from like 5 years ago to now, I think it has definitely gotten better. Forever21 used to be my favorite store back in college, like every other college girl. I then took a hiatus from their store because I felt like all the pieces I got only lasted me like 2-3 uses. I have then gave it another chance and I’m glad I did because I feel like their clothes have upped in quality. Don’t get me wrong, their pieces still aren’t the best, but I do get more uses out of their clothes. Plus, their store is always having the on trend items at such an affordable price.

5. Outlets – I must say that I am a BIG outlet shopper. I plan day trips to the outlet because I can literally spend all day there. If you’re near South Jersey/Philadelphia area, I recommend the Philadelphia Premium Outlets. They have much better sales and stores than the Gloucester Premium Outlets and the outlets in Atlantic City. Again the sales are by chance. I try to go around a holiday because that is when most of the stores have a better sale. I also try and go when a season is near ending or they put out their next seasons line, that’s when their pieces go super on sale.

Runner up store goes to SHEIN. I only ordered from their website once, but had such a good experience on it so far. This is a website where you definitely want to read the reviews for sizing and quality purposes. Everything is super cheap and affordable. When I did make a purchase on their website, I believe the most expensive item that I purchased from them was $10. I would say that some of their clothing is not great quality, like even lower than Forever21, but like I said, read the reviews and you’ll be fine.

I hope this helps! It does take more effort to search for affordable fashion, but it’s worth it in the end because you save so much money to buy even more clothes! It’s a cycle ya’ll.

Lots of love,

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